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2014 May (Archive)

This is the last photo for the month of May - Chloe eating grass.
Our little maned wolf Xantos is sitting like a little Buddha.  
Xalvadore and his brothers are 4 weeks old .
Two pics of Nomia sleeping on the sofa - pic1 and pic2.
Two pics of the last sunny weekend - Gaston und Candy Kiss.
Annette sends a nice pic of her "climber" Gonzales. 
Vulcano Magic is hiding behind the flower
Two garden pics - Gaston and I'Xi.   
Candy Kiss loves the new construction on the outdoor scratching tree - Muffin is not quite sure about it.
Annette sends new garden pics of her Gonzales. Pic1, pic2 and pic3
Our tortie girl Ulyana has found a shady place.
New pics of Giaccomo and HazelNut - thanks to Corinna.
Two pics of our garden - Muffin in the flowers and a group of four on expedition.
The X-litter is 3 weeks old. Here a photo of the "black sheep”.
Tanja sends two nice pics - Sara with Pepperoni and Grace mit Prince.
Our Rihanna is Mama’s darling.  A photo set of Wendie (7 weeks old).
Annette sends new pics of Eragon and Merlin
Katama on top of the outdoor climbing tree. 
These are the two sisters of the W-litter - Wild Rose and Wendie.
A nice snapshot of our youngster Gaston
Today again we have a snapshot of Vulcano Magic.
Wild Bill and Wilson - the two brothers of the W-litter.
Petra sends a pic of Paco.  
Katama is already 3,5 years old and gets a really nice lion’s mane.
The coat of Vulcano Magic grows very well.
Karin sends new pics of her darlings - Indiana Jones, Nanny und Tennessee
Xalvadorehers are two weeks old today. Xcellent does not want to get a photo, he always wants to suck at mom’s belly.
Ulyana is watching the raindrops outside. 
Even little black smoke sister Wendie is on her best behavior. Nomia is lying on top of the scratching tree.
Our "little Overdress" is posing in the hammock.  
A group photo of the W-litter.  
The babies of Black Baccara are 6 weeks old today. Wendie wanted to get an extra photo - here she is.
A group photo of our X-litter - it is one week old.
New pics of Lenny and Jazzy - thanks to Sandy and family.
Wild Bill and his siblings could leave the play pen and they are exploring the kitten room.
Our "Batgirl" I'Xi climbs the tree.
Again at last the sun is shining - Katama loves it and a snapshot of Wild Bill.
A first pic of Venga Boy and Vanilla Sky in their new home – thanks to Astrid.
Wilson and his sister Wild Rose will stay together.
Corinna sends new pics of her darlings Giaccomo and HazelNut.
Our lovely boy Xeronimo passed over the rainbow bridge.
The W-litter is 5 weeks old, here one of them - Wilson.
Pics of the X-litter (1 day old) are online and an extra photo of Xzellent.
Yesterday Isabel sent pics of Revel and Rocky (in the bathub). Tanja sends a nice snapshot of Sara und Prince.
The month of April is archived.
Today the R-litter celebrates it’s 1st Birthday - congratulations! Black Pepper, the mother of this litter had a perfect timing and gave us 8 kitten early in the morning.
Pics of the babies soon ...
A snapshot of our „little Overdress".
Annette sends a new pic of Gonzales.


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