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Die Augen einer Katze sind Fenster, die uns in eine andere Welt blicken lassen


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A collage of Zero.
Tamara sends a snapshotof Xaver and Appolo and after a long time Anja sends  a nice photo of Fairy Queen
Even Zero will leave us on the next weekend.
A collage of Arletta and a wonderful photo of our old couple Overrdess and Chloe.
Tamara sends a few new photos  - pic1, pic2, pic3.
The Litter of Cecil are 4 weeks old.  
A last snapshot of Zoomer.
Manuela sends a new photo of Xander and Xara and Katharina sends a nice photo of Theo, Yosie and Mimmi.
A nice pic of Yasmine.
Photos of our offsprings:
Topa & Picachu, Oana and Olivia - pic1, pic2, pic3, pic4, a nice set of Youkon and Yosie, and last but not least Sugar.  
Donna our tortie smoke lady.
A first photo of Yana with Tyson.
Yasmine and Yason moved into our cat gang today and can be found at Youngster.
Julia sends photos of Omar and Ozzy.
Yana15 weeks old.
Jermina sends a snapshot of her darlings.
At bad weather the gang as sleeping all day long.
Again some nice photos of our offsprings - Xander and Xara,  pic1, pic2, pic3and Simba.
News of our offsprings:
Christine sends a nice snapshot of Hanny.
Susanne and Walter with their pride of lions - pic1, pic2, pic3.
Even Octavia sends new photos - pic1, pic2.  
I'Xi is relaxing on the armchair.
Theo and Yosie with their new friend Lucy.
Our furry girl out of the Z-litter Zarina 12 weeks old.
September is archived and Sandra sends a new photo of Umar

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